Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grotty, grotty, grotty, foul, skanky, gross, vile...the usual steaming pile of crap

Will probably post again tomorrow now that I've had my pity party.
Thank you to all who left comments, much appreciated.
I haven't shoved my head into the gas oven, just up to my armpits in washing clothes...
Did consider turning this into a blog about nursing the demented but seeing as the federal & state govts have managed to ignore that little sector for several decades now I wouldn't like to shatter their fragile little world with the grotty, manky crude details.
*waves to Brumby, Swan, Hockey, Abbott, Rudd, Turnball et el*
Hmmm election later this year.
I do love the smell of the elderly unwashed person first thing in the morning.
Grossed you out yet?
Go pee in the corner everyone who thinks Boy George is the Vice President of the lawn bowls club and should be voted in as Secretary this year for a change.....
Or as my dear Daddy would sarcastically advise to a child who was bored;
"Shit in your hands and clap"


  1. Have to catch me at a certain time to gross me out..then again, I think it has been a long long time since I've been grossed out!
    I ought to cut n paste what I wrote in the comments on the post below.... just that I know this well, have been there with my Nanna living with us ... friggin' hard.... huggs huggs huggs your way!

  2. Hey Jayne, sorry to hear that its been a hard week. I did read your two posts below. I don't know what your going through and this may sound so selfish but this is what scares me about getting old. Not the looking after my parents but being the parent that requires care.

    I am with Cazzie I am not grossed out by your post but if anything I just see this as your reality and frankly I don't blame you for venting.

    Hope the week gets better and like you said its an election this year.

  3. I wish I'd known that phrase of your Dad's when I was teaching... although I may have been fired as a result of employing it. Hmm.

  4. "shit in your hands and clap"?
    Hmmm, wonder if your dad is related to a now deceased person I used to know. His kids would ask "what's for dinner?" and he'd say "shit'n'sugar sandwiches".

    I don't agree with not shattering any fragile little politician's world. Go ahead and shatter away.

  5. I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but was prevented from doing so not once, but TWICE. This comment is a testimony to my persistant nature. Jayne, I am so sorry that you are having a rough time of it. The fact of the matter is that this is one of those times in life that is just plain hard, no matter what. You will only feel good about this time when you are looking back upon it, and I promise you that you will feel good that you were able to provide this care for your father in law. You will. Until then, give yourself regular respite. You need it. Don't feel guilty about it either.

  6. Oh, my excrement quote is this: When someone would say, wistfully, "I wish..." I knew a woman who would say, "Why don't you wish in one hand and s**t in the other, and see which hand fills up quicker."

  7. Shit in your hat and put it on.

    (poor thing but mine own)