Monday, May 10, 2010

History stuffs in the local news

Excitingly there's work afoot to provide an index to the digitalised copies of The Argus.
You may check out the progress thus far HERE.

Australian-Chinese ANZAC soldier 'white-washed' in new film bio, story HERE which is obviously rejected by Tony Abbott as he claims Aussies weren't racist towards race/culture HERE.

And if you missed part 1 of Pemulwuy: A war of two laws on the telly last night you can read the transcript HERE.


  1. Great new about The Argus. I heard somewhere recently that government funding had been cut to digitisation project for Australian newspapers.

  2. Pardon my ignorance but was the movie, The Rabbit Fence, fairly accurate about the racial techniques used in Australia's history? We in the U.S. are certainly not pure in our history of how badly we dealt with indigenous people as well as with black slavery. Am confused with your politician saying there was no racial history in your country? -- barbara

  3. That's sad news if they've cut the funding, Andrew, depends on what it's been diverted to prop up instead lol.

    It was pretty close to being accurate, Barbara, and the politician looks at Oz history through whitewashed glasses ;)

  4. How on earth could they not have found a suitable ethnically correct actor!

    The mind boggles at some people's sheer stupidity

  5. Jayne I think the same glasses are used worldwide. It's a shame as Mistress B said that a suitable ethnic actor could not be found at all for the movie.

  6. Tony Abbott could use a little extra education methinks.

  7. I did a spot of rewriting of the Argus on the weekend. It's strangely addictive. And what a way to describe ones day "No dear, I was not mindlessly trawling the interwebs and randomly posting comments on blogs...I was doing serious research bisniss and was transcribing data and stuff".