Friday, May 28, 2010

Look! She babbles again

1919 Electric trains began tootling madly about Melbourne environs from Sandringham to Essendon.
Probably on a far more reliable timetable than today.

And that's all she wrote.
No, seriously.
I'm up to my armpits with journalling what is triggering the aggro - sunspots? Jupiter in Saturn's 4th house? Stephen Conroy reinventing the interwebs? Tony's budgie smugglers?* - which is happening thick and fast but on a lesser level than before, and keeping a hairy eyeball on the kidlet as much as possible.

*To be fair, anyone seeing Tony's budgie smugglers could go off the deep end so view this link here with care.


  1. I think some off those Sandringham trains are still running of that first timetable, Jayne. Seems like it takes them about a hundred years to hit Prahran as they are ALWAYS late.

    Glad to hear things are settling somewhat - hope it continues to get better. hugs!

  2. lol at the reliable comment about public transport.

    Hope you can get a somewhat better picture on the trigers.....

    Hugs Jayne

  3. That's not a pleasant image to wake up to on a Friday morning. It's spoilt my whole weekend ahead, that has.

  4. Hey Jayne - I have been MIA myself so lots of hugs to you and a well-earned respite (by the way - you are eligible for some respite, aren't you?)

    Otherwise waving frantically from Paradise.

  5. No thank you, I've no wish to see Tony's budgie smugglers ever again!!
    Hope yiu can soon find out what's triggering the aggro. Is it possible the boy is reacting to the grandfather's increasing need for more care?
    Thank you for stopping by my little post.

  6. lol MD, dreadfully slow.

    Thanks, Janine ;)

    I hear a bacon butty washes the image completely away, Brian.

    Hey, Jeanie, thanks. (((hugs))) back to you xxx.

    lol River, it's a horror sight. No, this has been snowballing for almost 18months, if anything it's more likely he's upsetting Dad's apple cart.

  7. So, let me see if I can figure it out. Tony's smuggling budgies under his cute little hat?