Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11 may peruse as one may

1676 Beggars were told they required permission (probably in triplicate) from priests if they were to clutter up the streets of Montreal and Quebec with their begging.

If you won't do it for the sake of the food at least think of the maids....
Full article HERE.

1899 The NSW Army Nursing Service Reserve (NSWANSR) was founded, the first official chickybabe army nurses organisation in the whole of the Fair Isle of Oz.
For more info, including a fab photo of these gals, click HERE.

It comes with the title that one must be potty about trees...so potty, in fact, one must carve ones mistress's initials upon the innocent bark of trees...
Full article HERE.

1945 Charles Upham, most decorated Kiwi soldier, was awarded the VC and bar on this day.
Further details HERE.

 It's the flies.
It's always the flies, never the Daleks who are so scurrilously blamed out of hand for the cow-tipping contests...
 Full article HERE.

All articles were taken from The Queenslander, Saturday 11 May, 1912.

Don't forget tomorrow is International Nurses Day.


  1. wow I enjoyed reading the old magazines/newspapers. Fascinating about the news about the royals. I also enjoyed reading about the ways to clean plate, how to create knitted edgings etc.

  2. We need permission to beg? Sheesh!

  3. saw those, too, Janine, just what every good gal needs to know lol.

    Apparently, B! lol