Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day, May Day! Read all about it!

Crikey Moses, mother of God and Joseph the carpenter!
Just had a peek at the chronology for May 1st and almost fell off my chair at the length of it all.
Ok, I will be merciful and edit for you, dear reader, as I know we all have such a short attention...ohhh, shiny!
1821 The first periodical in Oz "Australian Magazine" began to fly off the presses...and probably onto a rusty nail in a thunderbox somewhere.
1831 Inspirational and ballsy Canuck chicky babe Emily Howard Stowe was pupped on this day.
First female public-school principal, first Canadian gal to practice medicine and founding member of the suffrage association, Emily's bio is well-worth the read HERE.
1915 The New Zealand Rifle Brigade was got together as part of the  NZ Expeditionary other words, WW1 cannon fodder.
1920 The NZ publication The Colonist, which began running off the presses in 1857, spat forth its final issue and was merged into The Nelson Evening Mail.
1921 The Quebec Govt took over control of alca-mahole *hic* as almost the whole of North America was declared 'dry' during prohibition with only Quebec remaining 'wet'.
1997 Tassie was the last state in Oz to decriminalise homosexuality. It's the different time zone the Tassie pollies live in to the rest of reality...

And will our trusty UK correspondents Vintage Kitten, Brian and Scott be indulging in dancing around a May Pole somewhere, bedecked in ribbons and lace?
Or will they partake of the Obby Oss festival in Padstow?
Perhaps the Mersyside Mayday Festival?
Maybe the Tudor May Day Festival?
Or the Burnley Walking festival, blisters thrown in for free?
Perhaps just a lovely afternoon tea in Vintage Kitten's parlour with those scrumptious chocolate eclairs, hmmm?

And don't forget....


  1. The morris dancers are strapping their bells to their ankles (sic) outside as I type.

  2. Gosh. I feel like I'm missing something, Brian! Unfortunately, I'll just have to imaginate the scene.

  3. LOL painted thunderboxes, yay! I have seen the painted cows of Shepparton, but not enough painted dunnys, or should that be dunni. Can we start some kind of revival?
    A movement, so to speak.

  4. Brian, I'm so glad you didn't suffer a typo in that sentence, could have been quite painful!

    Debby, we should organise some simultaneous Morris Dancing in our backyards one day ;)

    OH! I've seen those painted cows, too, LiD, they are fab!
    Hmm, a collective noun for dunnys could be 30 Odd Foot of Grunt a la Russell Crowe's contribution to singing via the S bend?

  5. We had a great 'dress differently' day yesterday. Really put some of the teachers out of their comfort zone :)

  6. There are going to be Tudor style May Day celebrations at Speke Hall this weekend, and yes, there will be a Maypole!

  7. Would have made them think laterally, Rhubarb ;)

    Photos, Scott!!!
    Please :)