Monday, May 3, 2010

May tres, pubs,ladies and bones with nary a sniffle of Phil's shorts

1893 NSW passed legislation that not only made bank notes the first must-have item when a business was going belly-up but also made them legal tender. Imagine!
This was the first bank customer waiting to have his dosh declared legal tender.
See how happy he is by his smile?

1897 Margaret Cruikshank became the first chickybabe to be registered as a doctor in NZ.
Click HERE to read her bio, a short but very impressive life and career.
Let's bend an elbow to Dr Cruikshank.
NZ was also declared independent of NSW today in 1841 but we still have hope of lifting Oz up by dragging NZ down into becoming our 7th state...

1922 Gals on the gorgeous spot of dirt titled Prince Edward Island got the right to vote when The Election Act in the Statutes of PEI was passed on this day.
Would you believe this was for seating outside St Paul's Cathedral?
Someone was on his knees doing something, other than praying, for the church.

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  1. Jayne at your last post comment back to Lisa and I, of course it does lol. Wellington is the centre of the universe, only cos I live there lol. "ducks".

    Wow I had never heard of Dr Cruikshank, interesting reading about her.

    Jayne come now, you know us kiwis refer to Australia as our third island "west island" lol

  2. That skull is amazingly shiny. Do the cleaners polish him up while they're doing the floors?

  3. LOL Janine!

    I've never actually spotted the cleaners, River, and fear they may be a figment of our collective imaginations.

  4. Huh!! The cleaners at my store are definitel a figment of someone's imagination. Every single morning I rush around getting hot and sweaty polishing chrome, cleaning fingerprints off glass and cleaning the mess left on the checkouts by the young people who do the closing shift. Bah!!