Saturday, May 8, 2010

Photos of the mother in law, a dead bloke and a loon. Welcome to the weekend!

1876 Truganini, once purported to be the last Tasmanian Aboriginal, died aged 64.
For a detailed bio click HERE.

My mother in law.

1970 Cheryl Moana Marie was on everyone's lips and the top of the hit parade not least of all the singer responsible for putting it there John Rowles.

Some dead bloke.

1987 The Royal Canadian Mint gave birth to the Loonie; the paper dollar was replaced with a coin which had a loon gracing the back of it.

This is not a loonie.
Although that stone-eyed stare could belong to that of a loon.

As far as memory allows these are gargoyles gracing St Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne, photographed by Feral Beast.


  1. Oh Jayne... you ARE naughty.

    I remember Truganini - not much, but I do recall loving the name. Must go read your link...

    Happy Mother's Day tomorrow,

  2. Isn't there meant to be a gargoyle there with the face of Mr Kennett?