Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Questions that keep me awake....for a few minutes

When archaeologists uncover a forgotten Roman altar/ritual site and start collecting the broken brooches, swords, jewellery, tools, coins, etc, offered as gifts/sacrifices to the Roman gods...
Is there a Roman God or Goddess floating about somewhere stamping their foot and getting mighty miffed for having their goodies thieved?
My dog snuggles up for a cuddle, putting her head on mine, trying to lick my ear when I scratch hers, sprawling all over me in happiness....
Does she expect me to return the favour when she's licking my grotty feet?
If we choose to let NZ takeover Oz as their 3rd island (instead of Oz taking over NZ as our 7th state) is there hope, yet, for them to drag us up to their level or will gravity win out and we'll forever, forlornly, be teased with the possibility of a fush and chup Friday bender at Bondi?


  1. Jayne. Do not lick your dog's feet. This has been a public service announcement. We now return you to the regularly scheduled lunacy that we readers have come to love.

  2. You mean NZ *isn't* the 7th state of Oz??
    Gawd, the things you learn early in the morning....

    Trying hard to get back into blogging at the moment, so I'm looking at all the latest posts and pretending I read the others and just didn't comment
    I see you are still the same wealth of knowledge and your sense of humour has *not* changed?
    This is a good thing BTW!

  3. Thank you, Debby, I'll relay the message to my furbaby...any complaints from her I'll forward to you *snort* :P

    LOL Mo ;)

  4. Our third island? Aussie would be at least our fourth, surely -- Stewart Island's been there all the way, that little anchor of Maui's off Bluff. Then again, there's all our southern islands in the Roaring 40s area, Great Barrier, Three Kings, Waiheke, White Island, the Chathams ... um ... I can see some negotiating may be involved, here. ;-)

    But -- we'd love to have youse over some time! :-D

  5. lol Jayne does that last comment really require an answer lol. I do like the idea of oz being our third island.....who knows maybe if you blend the ozzie and kiwi acceont, just imagine the fun we would have ;-p

  6. Could we let them take us over slowly please? Let them have Tassie first.

  7. LMFAO Lisa and Janine.

    Like Yogi Bear, Andrew?
    "Start at the knees, please!"

  8. Andrew, I think Tassie will be last on our list lol, don't think we don't know what you guys think about it lol

    Hope no one is offended by that comment, it was made in jest.

    Lisa, Yeah I did think about Stewart Island and all the other little ones but then thought we could make Stewart Island and all the other little ones little kingdoms lol

  9. Huh?? What? Wanders off again.....