Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thank you

Thank you all you wonderful, lovely people for your kind and supportive thoughts/words/emails and carrier pigeons.
The pigeons were yummy.
Seriously, we've had a full plate with my father having several extensive medical tests and my son having several disabilities which don't work well with puberty.
Well, we're hoping it's only puberty and not an emerging mental illness.
We've been forced to call emergency services on 3 occasions, so far, to diffuse difficult situations, so I kind of ignored the net for a bit.
Hopefully specialists are now, at long last, listening to our pleas for help and stepping up to the plate to begin the process of offering some assistance in assessments and behaviour management.
And we'll be able to get back to repairing the smashed up house after our bruises and injuries are healed.
Thank you again for your kind thoughts.


  1. An offer of a long-distance hug or an equivalent not-too-mushy gesture from me, Jayne.

  2. Oh shit. I really ought to get back to waht I'm good at, hadn't I?

    Right no more facefrippery for me. I shall resume blog stalking shortly dearest, fear not.

    Oh and of course I'll be keeping the relevant bits crossed that everything irons itself out for you soon m'dear!

  3. Hugs Jayne. Thinking of you and your boys.

  4. Ignoring the net is understandable and acceptable. Your family comes first, as it should. But it's nice to see you back. I do hope that whichever authorities you need can give you the help you need with the boy.
    P.S. I picked up your slack a little by starting my own shy little blog.

  5. Make sure you take care of yourself too Jayne.

    (And having taught teenage kids, they can all be horrendous at times without any underlying cause. Fingers crossed for you)

  6. I doubt it's mental illness.
    My total sympathy: you and your husband.

  7. What a lot of nice readers you have Jayne. You deserve them.

  8. Jayne, as I emailed you earlier today... sending you lots of huggs right now. xoxoxo

  9. That was meant to say HUGS~!?

  10. I am glad that finally things are moving in the right direction. Hugs from here too! Wow, with all the hugs you are getting we are going to have to form a queue :).

  11. Everyone else has said what I wanted too. Ignoring the net is good, family comes first, I just wanted to check you were okay.

  12. Oh, my dear...what a time you've had of it. I really think you need a break. A vacation. At my house. With lots of wine and laughing. Just a suggestion....

  13. Thank you all, I really do appreciate the kind thoughts and well wishes xxx.
    The hugs, wine and laughter sound fantastic ;)