Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bendigo Art Trip and playing tourist

Seriously, go.
Go to the McCubbin exhibition in Bendigo, it is so worth it.
Not only from an art perspective but a historical one; there are vistas of South Yarra from yesteryear we will never see again, McCubbin's 'love affair' with the stone crusher at the Burnley quarry is immortalised (the same bluestone quarry that was flooded to straighten the Yarra, I think), his children playing with the next door gardener's children from Como House inspired a gorgeous art work (the same Como House that planted trees to avoid looking at the same industry at Burnley/Richmond which McCubbin saw as a muse).
Try to go when there is a guided tour of his works as you'll be told some little but pertinent points of many of the paintings like the one which features McCubbin's 3 daughters...but only 1 in the flesh and his Collins Street series wrought from the back of a car.
Spoilers I don't do.
Go see the exhibit.
As promised, pics of the ancient circuit board being gutted and the manufacturer's stamp showing pre-postcode era.

Relax, I refrained from over-doing the chimneys this trip...only so many people are willing to ignore the crazy chick photographing the tops of buildings before someone decides I might be planning something nasty.

Pretty building.
Old signage down side of pretty building.

Travel all the way to Bendigo only to find loo architecture was favoured between the two cities.
Yes, lovely building but it's actually the magpie on top I was snapping; it was carolling to all and sundry in the mall beneath, such a sweet Spring-like sound on a chilly Winter day was a pleasant surprise.
Water fountain in Hargreaves Mall, made Feral Beast think of baby geysers.
Made me look for a toilet.
Another water feature up near the town hall, on a slight slope the water gently flows towards the bottom of the photo with the leaves adding some extra texture.
Town Hall, is pretty, yes?
I can haz for my country estate?

Adore that verandah profile.
Adore it, I say!
Bollard, as seen in the bottom of the above photo, possibly to prevent horse-drawn carriages (and later motor vehicles) from bumping against the structure.
Leadlight fanlight.
Grills before the front door, thinking it may be a former pub.
Every other building was a pub once upon a time.
This is still a pub.
The name escapes me...

Now, isn't this the sort of streetscape that's kinder on the eye?
Of course I couldn't ignore such a noble building, could I?

I shall have to leave it there for this post as the tribe are screeching for food.


  1. I most certainly do admire that verandah profile. I love verandahs, especially the older, wider ones. I'd love to have a verandah 12 feet wide along the full length of the house(any house)with rocking chairs and loungers, little tables for books and coffee cups...

  2. Very nice indeed. I would guess the grills were ventilation for the cellar. The old electrician address was a good find.

  3. A building bumper! I always wondered what those things were for.

    I like the fact that the printer/stationer advertised its own self on the side of its building, and didn't sell out to a soft drink or other such company as a billboard.

  4. Excellent Jayne. I always enjoy visiting Bendigo. I will see the McCubbin exhibition - saw a few of his at the Ian Potter Gallery Fed Square last weekend. Beautiful.

  5. Found a site showing some of the works by McCubbin. I really liked Lost 1886 because of the way he painted the trees. Seeing them on display must have been something special.

    oh and your photos were good too Jayne.