Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bendigo trip, but wait! There's more!

Click to enlarge any pic to see/read a bit better.

Streetscape, how do I love thee.
Original Myer store.
See? Pretties!
Every city seems to have had a building named "Beehive".
Build this for me immediately throughout Melbourne, my good man.
And make it snappy.
 Street sculpture, read.
Alexandra Fountain in Pall Mall.
 I'll have these in triplicate, hurry up...
And as many of these as you can manage in a single street...
...and these, too....
Not a hint of glass & steel over-powering the neighbourhood.
Trees so conveniently drops leaves for the tourists (that would be us) to play peek-a-boo with the other side of the street.
Is old.
Click to enlarge to read.
Now why can't we have this slap bang in the middle of Camberwell Junction?
Part of the art gallery.
Was it the palette that gave it away?
Bendigo Art Gallery.
See these little details around the windows, just below the pediment, at the join of the next building?
Throw a few of them on forthcoming buildings and we could almost forgive any construction.
I said almost.
It's the little things, like adequate ventilation, that stops the average person from choking on the mouldy crap planning ministers regurgitate every generation.
I came over all holy like.
Only for a moment.
Click to enlarge to read.
Or adore from a distance.
Your choice.
Alexandra Fountain up close and personal.
Dunno what it does but it's gracing Bath Lane with its brooding possibilities.
We looked...well, Feral Beastie child looked while I peered and poked at stray leaves in mistaken identity...yet this was the only stop valve plumber ad we found.
As it only reads "Plumber. Bendigo" can I assume the town was blessed with just the one?!
So many gorgeous leadlight features remained intact around Bendigo but photo opportunities were haphazard with the many people and shopkeepers.
Have no idea why I snapped this one, possibly the architecture.
Or the low flying UFO just out of shot...
Floral swags on pediments and window details to drool over.
Have only attempted a half-arsed effort at gurgling what may have terminated here once upon a time but I'm guessing buses.
And they only stop half the time...
Not that I'd like to exit via that door for the bus!
Moreton Bay Fig near the train station.
Anotheree that leapt in front of my camera and demanded its 15 seconds of fame.
Victorian Railways Institute hall right beside the train station (imagine!) and right alongside of...
Bendigo Victorian Railways Institute Bowls Club.
Bendigo train station going home.

Just a handful of random pics left from the way home taken from the train on the mobile phone.
We shall not mention the fabulous steam engine with carriages parked outside the engine house we whooshed past just as the camera batteries died.
No, we shall not mention it at all!


  1. Don't know where to start so I'll keep it to a minimum. Why isn't the fountain working? It was working last year when water was even more scarce. Wouldn't the Terminus Hotel be where one of Bendigo's trams terminated? Suggest you look at Lost and Found and compare to Street View.

  2. The fountain was juuuust dribbling water, Andrew, like the pressure was turned down for the day.
    Yes, you're quite right, Terminus Hotel in Mitchell Street, Bendigo, the licence of which cost Jeremiah O'Brien 150 pounds in 1886.

  3. Well...that's just used up my monthly internet allowance in one go.

  4. Never heard of Bendigo, but will want it on my itinerary if I ever get to Australia. We have quite a bit of Victorian architecture in Ontario, but scattered throughout that province, not beautifully preserved in one town. What a treat!

  5. wow Jayne at ya photos lol. I wondered why the random chair and box were in the street, until I read the plaque and then it made sense. Well as much as it can.

  6. wow Jayne at ya photos lol. I wondered why the random chair and box were in the street, until I read the plaque and then it made sense. Well as much as it can.

  7. Um. Okay. I don't get the chair and table. I guess I'm not artsy.

  8. Those are some very pretty buildings Jayne. Bendigo is the large town (city?) near Sovereign Hill, isn't it? We took the kids to see Sovereign Hill when they were little, youngest was in a pram still, but we didn't stop at Bendigo. Sovereign Hill was a bit of a whistle stop too. One look at everything, 3 minutes gold panning for the kids, then a quick drive home to Melbourne (we were living there at the time)so The Boss could watch the footy.

  9. What gorgeous heritage there is in Bendigo. Wish we'd maintained it this well around inner Melbourne.

  10. Never mind, Brian, keeps you out of mischief :P

    It's a lovely place to visit, Lavenderbay :)

    We thought someone had just upped and left it, too, Janine lol.

    Post-modern art, Debby, is not enough arty ;)

    That's Ballarat near Sovereign Hill, River, but it's similar in historic structures. Pfft to the footy lol.

    You and me both, MD !

  11. Lovely pics, all of them :)

  12. What gorgeous buildings and details!

    Definitely going on my list of places to explore when we get down there

  13. You'll have to let me know next time you're up here, we can meet up for coffee if you like. Or, I can drag you around a few of the op shops off the public transport route.

  14. That would be great, thanks, Antikva :)

  15. Another good tour. Thanks Jayne.
    While enjoying all the beautifully carved stonework I started wondering if it has become a lost art, or if it is just hiding below the surface waiting for the right time to burst out and wow the glass and steel generation.