Wednesday, June 2, 2010

International Whores Day and the birth of several types of media. Coincidence?

Thrilling news, campers; The Creamiest Yummiest Porridge is on the menu.
Plus today is International Whores Day.
So, I'll expect you for brekkie tomorrow, say...about 8-ish?

1846 The Argus newspaper began running off the presses.
For the bio of this world-leading fish wrapper click HERE.
For digitalised issues of yesteryear click HERE.
1874 In the Shaky Isles 'The Press' put out an evening fish wrapper titled 'The Globe', which later became 'The Telegraph' then later again 'The Truth' then even later still 'The Evening News' which disappeared into history in May 1917.
I've tried searching for these publications on Papers Past but only found 2 brief mentions of The Globe office burnt by fire.
1952 No fish wrappers in Canada but a test pattern on Radio Canada's Channel 2 heralded the beginning of television broadcasting which began later that year on September 6.
1975 French sex workers occupied a church for several months to protest the lack of rights of sex workers.
Today is International Whores Day.
For events and info click HERE.

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  1. Plus today is International Whores Day.

    Batteries not included.

  2. So the oats will be well rolled by tomorrow, then?

  3. Oh, fish and chips! That's what I need. I wish they wouldn't put them in cardboard boxes now. They get chilly without The Argus etc.

    P.s. I think journalists are far less popular.

  4. so how do you make your porridge so creamy and yummy? giggles....

  5. Mmmm, porridge, the perfect winter breakfast. Not that instant stuff either.
    I remember fish'n'chips in newspaper. Walking to the beach from the chip shop, tearing a hole in the top of the paper and eating the chips through it, while the paper kept the fish hot. Then came the white paper wrapping days. LiD is right, they don't stay as hot in the cardboard boxes.

  6. I'd never heard of International Whores Day. Obviously I've been missing a trick here. (Boom boom!)

  7. The Cancon is interesting. For as long as I (b. 1961) can remember, "Radio Canada" has designated the French-language arm of the CBC. I wonder now when they first started calling it the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation?

  8. Well, I have to apologize. I thought for sure that you'd made the International Whores Day up. The story was actually very interesting. Now about the brekkie. I'm not a great fan of porridge, but there'll be bacon right? There should be bacon. Can't have a proper brekkie without a little pork.