Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 16 woohoo, back to the golden oldie mouldies

Oh, look....I've finished indulging in photos (just for the minute) so it's back to the real stuff of history.
1806 Some convicts decided on a change of scenery so they lifted the brig 'Venus' from Port Dalrymple (in Tassie) and sailed off into the sunset and over the ditch to NZ.
This may or may not have had any connection with Sydney's first girls' school which was opened the same day by a Mrs. Williams.
An early St Trinian's....?
1898 In the Yukon the very first issue of The Klondike Nugget hit the gold-dust covered streets at the huge cost of 50 cents per copy.
Some excerpts HERE.

Bubble wrap is indeed an effective form of therapy but you know you've over-indulged in it when your digits hurt from trying to pop those damn addictive little bubbles....or the quality control nutter was in charge of the bubble wrap production line again.
Yellow = New Zealand

Orange  = Canada
Green = Australian
Red = UK or other nationality
Italics, bold and coloured blue are links to further info.
Anything outrageous is usually sarcasm and/or humour.


  1. After popping individual bubbles for a while I start to screw the wrap up and twist it. Multiple popping!

  2. A couple of links about the brig Venus and her voyage across the Ditch here and here.

  3. Household management has banned my use of sheets of stress reduction plastic within the highrise. Spoilsport. I still do it in the privacy of my workplace.

  4. Venus..interesting bit of history. Thanks for the links Timespanner.

  5. LOL That's cheating, Scott!

    Those are fab links, Lisa, thanks muchly :)

    It's a shame those of us who are forced to pursue our leanings in secret, Andrew :P

    She's a good egg, Elizabeth ;)

    Check out the golden triangle in Central Victoria, Cazzie, they're waiting to be dug up every weekend, I kid you not!

  6. I love popping bubble wrap, so hubby bought me a whole roll of it when officeworks had a sale. Trouble is, he hates the sound of the bubbles popping....