Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24 in history...'Rangas rule....apparently

So, here we are in Oz having voted Kevvie off the island and we haz a 'ranga chickybabe for PM, Julia Gillard.
'Ranga being short for Orangutan referring to red heads.
Will she make a better fist of it than Kev?
Who knows *shrugs* but she's been acting PM while he was flitting this way and that, which was more often than he was actually in the country.
So....who knows.

1878 The earliest recorded tennis tournament in Canada was held at the Montreal Lacrosse Club.

1905 New Zealand fish wrapper The Truth hit the streets. Read the full kaboodle of it's bio HERE.

1918 Royal Flying Corps Cap. Brian Peck began the very first airmail service in Canada flying a biplane, loaded with mail sacks, from Quebec to Toronto.

 1942 At Wairarapa a whopper of an earthquake measuring 7.2 rocked the North Island causing extensive damage to buildings. This was known as Wairarapa I as another occurred there in August of the same year.

1978 At 10pm what became the very first Sydney Mardi Gras moved down Oxford Street, then to Kings Cross where the crowd of merry-makers grew to 2,000.
Not to be outdone the police of the day arrested 53 persons in Darlinghurst Rd.

2004 The Gay and Lesbian Kingdom was founded in the Coral Sea Islands with Emperor Dale I the leader.
(Some sources say June 14, others June 24).

Pics are only several of the laundry implements that make up the fabulous historical collection at the Kyneton Museum.

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  1. And how proud were her parents? They were as excited as teenagers on their first date!

    Take Care,

  2. wow that was big news here today well that and the build up to our game against Paraguay at 2.00am NZ time.

  3. Fascinating how much old laundry devices resemble torture equipment. Brrr!