Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28 playing catch up out of bounds with mud galore

1836 Snow fell in Sydney.
Just a trifle cool...
1845 A fire in Quebec destroyed the suburb of St John with 1,300 houses razed to the ground and, combined with the fire at St Roch, $8 million damages in total occurred barely 1 month apart. 
1918 Alexander Turnbull popped his clogs and left his extensive library to 'The King'.
Read more about Kiwi book fanciers who left their extensive collection to be enjoyed by all and sundry HERE.

I have the dreaded Man Flu *cough cough* but am still battling my sons footy gear.
He played 2 matches on Sunday; won 1, lost the other, and managed to bring home about 30 kilos of Ringwood mud engrained into his uniform.
Velvet soap and elbow grease work wonders!

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