Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29 in history with pictures and chilly cold stuff

1912 W.E Hart, the first to get his pilot's licence in The Land of Oz, won Australia's first air race (from Botany to Parramatta, 25 kms) when he beat the American daredevil A.B 'Wizard' Stone, who landed, lost, at Lakemba.
HERE we can see Hart flying carefree in his biplane.

1937 Joseph Armand Bombardier patented his B-7 snow tractor; this creation was fuelled by the loss of his infant son who died when they were unable to get through the snow to the hospital.

1990 The world's first chickybabe Anglican bishop was appointed when Dr Penny Jamieson was elected by her peers.

It is persistently precipitating here ( like the proverbial cats and dogs) with the mercury hovering just slightly above the 'omg my feet are frozen' level of whinging.
Gluten free dairy free pancakes for Feral kiddo (which went down a treat) and European history on the idiot box for his first part of the school day.
What exciting plans have you got for this chill Winter's day?

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  1. I can remembeer when passenger planes were still a novel and exciting sight. As a kid in Port Pirie, whenever a plane was heard, anyone out on the street would stop what they were doing and search the skies until they spotted it. Those inside would run outside to see it too. We'd all be pointing, "there it is, there it is!" and watch until it was out of sight.

  2. I so love biplanes... amazing the internet can bring us such news daily from the house of Ro :)
    What is the next train trip you plan to take?

  3. Chilly weather sounds real good right now to those of us on the other side of the equator. Hot as H--- here in Kentucky USA! -- barbara

  4. We used to get the biplanes flying over from the nearby Moorabbin Airport when I was little, River, not much now, though.

    Thanks, Cazzie lol.
    Thinking of hitting Beaufort :)

    Yikes, Barbara, one extreme to another lol.