Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 3rd is in with a whimper

1837 Busby's Bore , no, not the dinner guest from Hell, was finally finished and began supplying fresh-ish water to Sydney.
Click HERE to see some fantastic photos, and history, of the bore.
1924 Fabulous actress Colleen Dewhurst was found in the cabbage patch in Montreal.
Her bio and filmography  HERE.
1967 Top of the Kiwi song charts from 2nd-23rd June was The Monkees with "A little bit me, a little bit you".
Before you rack your brains the blonde is singer, actor Bobby Sherman, photos and info HERE.

The trick to smooth creamy porridge is to soak the oats the night before then whip them into a frenzy with your trusty spurtle.
And's still June 2 somewhere in the world so you may continue celebrating International Whores Day a little longer.


  1. I missed International Whores Day?

    Dammit to hell.

  2. I had forgotten what a spurtle is. That was one I did not get. Redundant now since god has invented instant oats.

  3. We can practice for 2011, Kel ;)

    Nooooooooooooooooooooo, they're never as creamy and smooth and delish :P

  4. oh thanks for that tip about the oats. I have been playing with organic oats and using them as a base for some natural products. I even made some infused oil using some oats and high quality olive oil. The oat oil is divine.

    Anyway I digress wow at the spurtle, I had no idea.

  5. "The trick to smooth creamy porridge is to..."

    ...feed it to the cat and wait until it's sick.

  6. Oh YUK, Brian.

    I soak my oats overnight too Jayne, in water, plus I add extra oat bran and some high fibre mix that I get from the health food shop. In the morning I bring the oats to a boil then turn down the heat, add a splash of milk and simmer while stirring until creamy. Unfortunately I have no spurtle and must use a wooden spoon. Where can I get a spurtle? I'll ask google.

  7. It's also excellent for rapping fingers that are attempting to sneak food, Janine lol.

    Hark! Is that a bacon butty I hear drowning in yonder cow byre, Brian? :P

    I got mine when a friend visited her aunt in Scotland about 10 years ago, River, but I imagine you could get a local wood turned to whip one up ;)

  8. I think everyday should be international whores day.
    Even whores deserve to have fun after all....