Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 4 history and Lamb Shank recipe sans aprons

1799 Sydney was rocked by violent storms that caused plenty of damage.
Several govt buildings were ruined including the Military Windmill mentioned HERE.
1907 Lt-Gov Sir William Mortimer Clark opened the first building in Ontario that was intended for use as a historical museum, the Memorial Hall at Niagara, now known as Niagara Historical Society Museum (admission by donation on June 4 in celebration of the 103rd anniversary).
1943 The Hyde railway tragedy occurred when the Cromwell-Dunedin express was derailed.
Further details HERE.
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Lamb shank (off the bone) in a rich tomato spiced gravy with creamed potato on top drizzled in a garlic, mustard, cheese and capers sauce.
Sear lamb shanks in pan with a little butter.
Throw into casserole dish with 2 tins of crushed spiced tomatoes (Indian and Moroccan flavours used)  to cover then into a slow oven for at least 2 hours.
Cut meat off the bone, replace into casserole dish.
Toss in chopped onions, spring onions, mushrooms, carrots, shredded silverbeet and leeks.
Top up water level.
Cook for another couple of hours.
Creamed spud - boil then mash with butter and milk to taste, then creamed with spurtle. Cheese and spices optional.
Garlic, Mustard, Cheese and Capers sauce - melt butter, saute crushed garlic, add capers and whole grain mustard to taste, mix continuously, slowly adding milk.
Add grated cheese of choice, then mix a little cornflour in a cup with some of the sauce and add back to the pot.
Continue stirring over a medium heat while it thickens.
Remember to wear an apron next time.


  1. By gum, that lamb shank looks tasty. I'm a bit worried about that cat of yours though. It seems to have been at the porridge again.

  2. That railway accident in NZ was the second worse in the country's history. The worst was mentioned on last week's Catalyst on ABC tv, caused by a lahar.

  3. Okay. What is lahar? I looked up on Wiki (which is always correct) and it says Javanese for mudslide. Does it mean the same thing in New Zealand?

    Your cat can have my porridge. I seem to have lost an appetite for it.

  4. Brian, you're in fear of turning into one of those old cat lady types.

    Poop, I missed that Catalyst, Andrew, shall go gurgle it :)

    Yep, Debby, it's the ash, fumes and land slide rather than volcanic lava. Scary.
    I think Brian has a hankering for porridge, Deb, pass it over to him ;)

  5. There's that spurtle again...
    I think the lamb shanks and mash would be quite tasty enough without the added sauce.

  6. Lamb shanks are one of my all time favourites, and these look damned good! I'm gonna have a lash at them this weekend I think, but without the capers.

  7. You could substitute the sauce for Greek yoghurt or sour cream, River, just for that little bit of bite ;)

    Excellent taste, Mo.
    I'll have your share of capers.
    How do you feel about anchovies? lol

  8. I love anchovies!!!!
    Might add them instead....