Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kyneton photos BYO popcorn and lime spiders

Today's first few pics are from another camera I was using on our journey up to Kyneton before it got broked.

This is a pretty little valley just the other side of Sunbury on the left as you leave the railway station, on the way further north towards Castlemaine and Bendigo.
I have no idea how accessible it is via road, I've only ever seen it from a passing train, admiring it for the better part of 20 years.

Old water tank just out of the Woodend railway station.

The other side of Woodend it was....

...ever so slightly....


A proper gutter to cope with proper downpours.

A proper fence to cope with proper bovines leaning on it.
As they do.

Told ya there was moo cows!

Pretty dangly things Mother Nature hangs out for decoration.

Proper gates.

Glorious old lamp on bridge going into Kyneton.

For some odd reason no one was enjoying the local pool or river that day.

Totally loved this house.

The last one being the Kyneton Botanic Garden gates.


  1. Found this post a charming tour of your country's landscape. I especially liked the old gutter along the roadside built with large older looking bricks (?). Also the rustic looking brick (?) fence. I put the question marks by the brick mention as I was uncertain if they were indeed brick. The water tower house by the railroad station, do you have steam engines that still are using it? Great post! -- barbara

  2. I love the old lamp on the bridge. I've seen something similar on another bridge but can't remember where. years ago, we used to drive from Brisbane to Murray Bridge to visit the rellies, and saw many wonderful sights such as these. Somewhere along one of these drives was a bridge with some sort of decoration similar to those lamps. It never occured to me to be taking photos along the way. I was probably preoccupied with the babies...

  3. MY brother and I used to spend many a Summer in that pool, and riding our bikes really fast around the mini velodrome behind the pool opposite the Botanic Gardens and on the way to the station). We met heaps of friends there every Summer and I remember, as I got older, there was a hot guy and a hot girl who were the life guards. Tee hee, Short of pretending to need to be rescued like on The Sandlot Kids movie, I just day dreamed :)
    My Pop used to play lawn bowls there.. I love looking at your feels like home to me.
    Too bad you did not get to see the cemetry. That is an awesome place to go. But, it is on the other side of the freeway out near the Council Tip and out near the Stockyards. My Grandparents are buried there, bless their souls..and it is a quiet and tranquil place to go. Nan is right near all these Nun's graves... I love reading the scriptures on all the very very old ones.
    Where did you lunch in Kyneton? There is a nice bakery around near the old historical museum. They use an old wood oven to cook their pastries and bread :)

  4. I wish I was in Kyneton. If I were there, I'd have to miss school tomorrow. That would totally rock. Er. Suck. I meant to say suck.

  5. Yep, Barbara, they're bluestone 'bricks' or blocks.

    That would have been a decent drive, River.

    We grabbed some fish at the fish n' chip shop in Mollison street, Cazzie, twas very delish fish!

    LOL Debby.
    You'll rock that exam, girl!

  6. Hey, Kyneton..... I had some ancestor /rellies living there back in colonial days...