Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kyneton trip with photos and babble

The geek kid and I jumped on the train to Kyneton yesterday and had a lovely time....once we'd walked enough kilometres to warm up lol.
Twas a tad chilly, expected to see snow falling at any tick of the clock but, drat it all, the sun came out and made everything sparkle.
As you can see from the photos above the fog was a thick pea-souper and the air was as wet as a char lady's arm pit (you may ewwww now).
Some of the lovely styles of architecture taken at random  early on in our visit.
This last is bluestone painted over.

Caroline Chisholm woz 'ere.
Reserve and small bench to remember how she made an effort to help newly arrived migrants find shelter, work and support in their new homeland.
Hello, Tony, got some spare time on your hands to remember your teachings of do unto others...?

Plaques on the bench reminding us that, while there was encouragement to emigrate to The Land of Oz, there wasn't much in the way of official or Govt support, so Caroline Chisholm put her money where her mouth was.
A stone cairn showing that Major Thomas Mitchell tap danced his way across this great continent and went thataway.

Kyneton High School.
Yeah, isn't it easy on the eye, eh? Someone, somewhere in the Ed Dept in the past once had taste.



(which is classed as a noxious weed in some areas).
This shop front is still eye catching and vibrant after almost 100 years.
Imagine - a classy architectural style that's not only appreciated but kept intact.
Wouldn't see that kind of nonsense happening in the big smoke, no siree, bob.

Bluestone was available by the shedload when building was taking place; it's fab in Summer and retains the heat of roaring fires in Winter. Melbourne was favoured with bluestone, too, but has not been able to keep the many beautiful examples seen in the regional towns around Victoria.

Showing the tool marks of over 100 years ago.
Some bloke worked this piece of stone with hammer and chisel and his marks can still be seen as fresh as if he just made them yesterday.

They do pizza on a grand scale in Kyneton!

Not forgetting the Melbourne Drain Covers Appreciation Society members Feral Beast looked and looked but this was the only one to be found (footpaths having been extensively recovered over the years).
It reads "G.Horwood & Sons, Sandhurst"
Yes, those are my size 10 Blundstone boots. 

Showing the variety of building styles in one street.
And that curious little window aperture opening on the roofline in the last one.

 The splendidly Art Deco inspired Newmarket Hotel.
Which can be seen in days gone by in more panoramic style HERE.


This curious little structure was sitting in an empty block near the old market saleyards.

Each door opens into a tiny room, 4 in total, that is lined in dado boards with a small open fireplace in the corner and barely enough room for a single bed beneath the window.

We asked at the museum if they knew what these were but, although they were uncertain, we all decided they were most likely accommodation for people bringing stock to the saleyards or other itinerant workers.
Sadly, the whole thing is falling apart and vandals have gotten to it.
 Loved the portico on this one.

The fence was highly admired - it has actually been built in an angle with the lower bricks looking like they're sliding into the earth.
Now that's a talented brickie!

Don't blink!

House turned into business.

A Fergie in someone's front yard...of course I was going to snap it!

Kyneton Post Office.

Speaks for itself, really.

And now I shall leave it there until the next post.


  1. I love the long bluestone wall with the Drive Thru sign in the photo.

    A Fergie painted orange, yuk. Must be grey.

    Btw, our non existent Melbourne Drain Covers Appreciation Society has been renamed to Australasian.

  2. I meant to ask if you'd get a photo of the old police station in Kyneton. I've got a series of books written by a woman whose father was the policeman there back in the 60's. Too late now.

  3. love the cherub in the bird bath and the Jones Green Shop front. What a fantastic outing you had.

  4. ADUCPAS is born, Andrew lol.
    The Fergie was more red but the light was a shocker.

    Kerry Cue, River?
    I've read them, she's a ripper :)

    Plenty more pics tomorrow, Janine, I think you'd love Kyneton for an ambling stroll of a visit ;)

  5. MY grandparents lived in a little cottage in Begg Street Kyneton. I loved going for bike rides as a kid. It was always beautifl, even in Winter.
    My Aunt owned a business until recently there, The Paragon Cafe. She also owned a shopp next to the post office, it was a material shop.

  6. It's a gorgeous place, Cazzie, you were lucky to have it as a part of your childhood :)

  7. Another slide show!

    My favourite is those gorgeous emerald tiles on the shop. Is this where Dorothy and friends were headed?

  8. I bet this place has a great cemetary. I like old cemetaries. Hope that doesn't make me too weird.

  9. LOL Lavenderbay, aren't they brilliant?!

    We'll be making a concerted effort to visit the cemetery next visit, Cheryl.
    And you're talking to a girl who held a slumber party in the local cemetery ;)

  10. Yes Jayne, it's Kerry Cue. I used to read her articles in the paper, when they stopped, I bought the books. When I need cheering up one of her books usually gets me laughing.