Friday, June 11, 2010

More Bendigo photos

Click to enlarge any of the photos, particularly the ones with blurbs for easier reading.

The Chinese Arch.
The Chinese diggers were a large presence on the goldfields and there is a fab museum to explore (we'll definitely be seeing that in our next visit).
The School of Mines is around the other side (the grand noble building I finished with yesterday) it became the Bendigo School of Mines and Industries, then the Bendigo Technical College then the Bendigo Institute of Technology.
Recycling before it was popular.
Renovation of DRagon Museum beside and over Bendigo Creek (which runs right through the heart of Bendigo).
 Bendigo Creek, somewhat tamed.
Just a lovely house.
Old pub now a part of the museum complex.
Original leadlight in the former pub.
Look at that gorgeous architecture.
School of Mines & Mechanics Institute with Chinese Arch in front (actually on opposite side of the street).
Another verandah profile to drool over adore from a safe distance.
 No, did not venture inside, merely admired the architecture from without.
Right in the heart of a regional city.
Bajillions of fruit bats have moved into Rosalind Park, much to the annoyance of locals.
Such a harsh landscape to stroll through but I managed it just for you, dear reader.
Again with the preferred streetscape.
Conservatory and statues, one of which is mooning the camera.
A Bendigo tourist tram which looks suspiciously like a W class tram...?
Neo-Georgian architecture barely separated from something by a pair of Victorian shop fronts.
But the ugly blends in, unlike the ugly here in Melbourne.
Go on, you know you wanna snaffle it up for a holiday haunt.
Tis merely the Court, I'm sure they'd happily hand it over..
The park is rather cruisy on the eye.
Bendigo Court.
Wouldn't those sweeping steps be magnificent if it were ours?
Bendigo Post Office.
George Lansell.
Who dug up a fortune and built Fortuna Villa
RSL Memorial Hall & Military Museum.

I shall leave it there for now and post more pics again tomorrow.


  1. 'But the ugly blends in, unlike the ugly here in Melbourne.'

    It only blends in because it has not been allowed to dominate. Take a lesson Melbourne.

  2. Was fascinated with the fruit bats in the trees. Here in the U.S. bats or found in caves. Nice post! -- barbara

  3. I was surprised (please excuse my ignorance) by the chinese influence in some of the buildings. Now I know why.....Wow you had such a great time in the two posts. Loved looking at your photos, as it makes me feel like I am there with ya. The house in this post is it still lived in? I would love to own an old villa.

  4. Bendigo is lovely, I love visiting my Pop there and going for walks with him or jumping on the Talking tram to better view the buildings :)

  5. Exactly, Andrew ;)

    Thanks, Barbara :)

    Yep, the house is still lived in, Janine, we can't snaffle it lol. Thanks, glad you enjoyed the tour :)

    It's the graceful and more refined sister to Ballarat, Cazzie ;)

  6. I can't stop thinking about those bats. They're freaking huge! Like flying cats.

    Okay. I can see why Jeanie doesn't like them.