Monday, June 21, 2010

Slide show 2 of Kyneton

More of Kyneton.

 More pretties.

The shire hall.
Sans hobbits.

 We can haz for ADUCPAS meetings, yes?

Wait....what's that building?

Why,'s what happens to former Salvation Army Churches when the Godless heathens abandon their faith and go sit under Yum Yum Trees to naval gaze.
Someone cuts loose with a bad paint job.

Yes, click the teeny tiny pictures to read the blurb on the memorial foundation stones.
You'd probably be the first in a squillion years...after me, who took the photos, of course.

Kyneton Court House.
Small to deal with petty crime....

Garn, no one will mind if we 'borrow' this little shack for a holiday house.
I am sooooooooo goin' to Hell...

Everywhere we turned there were churches...

And more churches...

And anoth...hey, who put that pub there?
And why were the Godless heathens worshipping there...?

Now I shall leave you with that puzzle to solve while I go fiddle with stuffs.


  1. oh that is a bad paint job on the ex sally army building. Why oh why???

  2. I reckon it fell...nay, was thrown off the back off a truck, Janine ;)

  3. Lol! Interesting the Salvation Army Church in my town looks exactly the same!

  4. Smallest court house I've ever seen.

  5. Six churches, one pub. Now we know what truly unites us. (Even Jesus was "a glutton and a wine-bibber", eh?)

  6. I love the tiny courthouse!

  7. They probably stuck to a tried and trusted plan, Casdok ;)

    Just for wee crims, River.

    LOL Lavenderbay ;)

    Tis very twee, Scott, but impressive up close ;)