Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vale Addam Stobbs

Heard the news that one of the most lovely souls in this world has gone and we're all stunned at his departure.
Addam Stobbs was a passionate teacher of music, radio, arts, interviews and anything he cared about, a person who gave of himself in any endeavor, who not only encouraged others but inspired them to do the same.
A gorgeous person with a genuine soul, a rare commodity in this day, I can't believe he's gone and left us like this.
Listen to just some of his past interviews on podcasts HERE.
Tune in to JOY 94.9 fm to hear tributes to the wickedly funny, intelligent, insightful and beautiful person that was Addam Stobbs.


  1. How did he die? This is so sad!

  2. Not being into the Art scene at all, I have no idea who Addam Stobbs is. (was)

    His picture, however, looks a lot like a sometimes customer of mine who came in after his most recent face lift and overly dyed blonde hair, and asked my opinion on how he looked. I faked ignorance and said since I didn't remember hopw he looked before the surgery, I really couldn't say, but that he looked okay...
    He really did look pretty awful, the marks from removed stitiches were still visible and his face looked very tight, pink and shiny.

  3. I didn't know of Adam Stobbs before today. Sounds like it was my loss. He was obviously a very interesting man and well loved.

  4. River, that definitely sounds like Addam Stobbs. Where do you work?

    I posted a blog on the news of his death, and at the bottom are some links to various pics of him. There is a bunch of stuff on his Facebook page wall but you probably neeed to be a friend to see it.

    Adam, now news as to how he died at this stage. I understand it was quite sudden though.


  5. Addam was (still hard to relate to him in the past tense) the best friend, confidant, mentor, teacher (the list goes on) anyone could ever have. My best friend of 28 years who will live in my heart forever. A huge loss to all who knew and loved him... an even greater loss to those who didn't.
    A beautiful soul taken far too soon.
    Love you forever Addsbabe xxxx

  6. PS... I've just realised that's my hubby standing next to him, in the pink t-shirt :o)