Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Zeee house, she is rewired, huzzah!
Guess who's a happy lil camper then?
We're off to Bendigo at Dawn's crack tomorrow, gives us time to wander about and absorb the place whilst hunting down elusive op shops for His Nibs before we drink in the McCubbin exhibition.
Shall post plenty of pics including the one of the ancient circuit board with its guts hanging out...the box was made in French Ave Brunswick N11...before the invention of postcodes.
Yeah, scary old.
Hopefully we'll snap many pics of beautiful Bendigo for your pleasure, just think of us trekking through the pre-dawn dark while you're snuggled up under your doonas in the morning lol.


  1. Hope you enjoy your day. Sadly, there'll be no doona snuggling for me. I'm up early early early, and walking to work in the pre-dawn chill. Looking forward on a daily basis to doona snuggling on Sunday mornings. Sometimes I think about giving up the opening hours shift, but then I remember how much I like going home before lunchtime.

  2. Have a great time in Bendigo.

  3. enjoy your trip ...I am so glad the farm shack has power now. How did they ever manage in the pre electric days LOL and no instant hot water ....bbbrrrr or electric blankies ....
    I don't mind doona snuggling but atm it's always with 4 elbows and extra twin limbs in all my bits(not so comfy)

  4. Oooh. You have a house from before 1916? I'd like to see a picture of that.... I like old stuff. I'm getting fonder of myself every day.

  5. who sleeps in on a Thursday? lol I am up at 5.45am week days lol.....hey Jayne enjoy ya outing and I am envious I can't think of a better outding.

  6. Hope you had fun, Jayne. :) Looking forward to your report and pics. And now I'll keep my eye out (sounds lovely)for French Avenue.