Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Double Dipping in the delights of historic doings! July 13 & 14

Yes, yes, I'm slack, missed July 13th entry.
Golly gosh, that'll make the earth come to a shuddering halt on its axis.
That is the acrid stench of sarcasm you can smell.
Get over it.
Anyways, I was traipsing about my favourtest (it is so a word) shop in Armadale, Supply & Demand.
Did some early Xmas shopping.
Be nice and you, too, could get a blue and white thingie in your stocking (ooooh, la la).
Cos they have a HUMONGOUS sale on at the moment.
Have at it, I say!

July 13
1916 Vivian Walsh became the first living, breathing 2 legged body to get themselves a pilot's licence in NZ.
1923 Britain formally banned those under the age of 18 from buying alcohol.
1957 The Asian Flu Epidemic busted out in a big way.
1981 The Record, a Canadian music industry magazine, was hot off the presses for the very first time.
July 14
1792 Gov Phillip was simply thrilled to get the nod from the Home Secretary (who was Back Home) to start handing out land grants to civil and military officers.
Thrilled, I tell you!
1853 The first general election in The Shaky Isles was held.
1865 The Matterhorn was conquered by Brit expedition led by Edward Whymper.
4 out of 7 men in the expedition were killed.
There's a lesson in that but has anyone bothered to learn it?
Noooooooo, they just keep on climbing those great bloody lumps of rock.
1976 The House of Commons did away with Capital Punishment (that's the death penalty to you and I).

Yellow = New Zealand
Orange  = Canada

Green = Australian
Red = UK or other nationality
Italics, bold and coloured blue are links to further info. 
Anything outrageous is usually sarcasm and/or humour.
The Nylex Clock is still broken.


  1. Youve started your xmas shopping!! Impressed!

  2. Thanks, Cas, had to make a start before I get swamped with the seasonal madness at December!

  3. Blue&white is the only colour selection they had? Hmpf!

  4. Blue and white is the thingies I bought, River lol ;)