Friday, July 16, 2010

Dunolly visit with July 17

Well, bugger me sideways with a feather.
Perhaps not...not before dinner at any rate.
BUT listen!!!!
I know how those of you who follow me and my alter ego on Twitter must be simply devastated (that's sarcasm dripping on your shoe) each Friday when I'm away from the computer as I spend the day with my darling rugrat instead of spending every spare minute texting Tweets to update my status. 
Forgive me, I like my kid.
But I digress....
 Town Hall at Dunolly.
The passenger train services to Maryborough and Clunes are about to RESUME.
RESUME, I tell you!!!!
And Dunolly is ALIVE...and has a perfectly good railway station sitting idle as seen in the above pic.
Fabulous to see this big improvement; a few years ago so many businesses were on the market for yonks but now there's new life in the form of new businesses, a lighter step on many people, smiles everywhere (or they could have been laughing at the silly bint in purple gum boots) and so much activity.
Photobucket The Royal Hotel was always going to be our venue for lunch; being Friday we were good lil poppets and chose fish and chips.
What we got were generous fish fillets that were in a lovely light batter with the fish so succulent it melted in your mouth. The chips were good but the fresh garden salad was really fresh, you could taste it, with cherry toms bursting with flavour.
Served with just lemon wedges, no sauces or dressings at all as it needed nothing else.
*Feral sidekick and I both gave the meal 5/5.
Go eat at The Royal Hotel.
 Winter creek running merrily on our land.
We then trotted over the road (Broadway) to the Dunolly Bakery
The chocolate hedgehogs are the perfect dessert to finish off a meal at the pub.
The food at the bakery was all delightful, everything looked fresh, delicious and no wonder they've won awards, they're well earnt.
 Fencing for creeks and rivers, designed to fall apart, as Bush Babe would agree.
We stuck our beaks into Le Poppins Olde Fashioned Lolly and Gift shop, another must see when you visit. Fab individual gift ideas, lollies and they also carry a stock of USA sweets, including Dr Pepper (much to the delight of the Feral).
There was an op shop, we later discovered, St John's Anglican Church (open Wed, Thurs, Fri) but this we only found as we were wending our way out of town on the coach to Bendigo. There will be many more visits.
*It was gluten flour in both the fish batter and hedgehog but I decided to let him have a day with normal foods.
Photos are light-on as someone forgot to recharge her camera battery. *slaps wrist*

1942 Singer Gale Garnett was delivered by the stork in NZ on this day but adopted Canada as her home.
1995 Christine Silverberg became the first chickybabe police chief in a major Canadian city.
2003 The Uniting Church of Oz voted to let practicing homosexuals be ordained as priests in the church.
And the sky didn't fall in after all, pfft.
2006 Heavy rain caused flooding on the Coromandel Peninsula leaving the town of Pauanui cut off.
Yellow = New Zealand
Orange  = Canada
Green = Australian
Red = UK or other nationality
Italics, bold and coloured blue are links to further info. 
Anything outrageous is usually sarcasm and/or humour.
The Nylex Clock is still broken.
Lonsdale House is still demolished. 


  1. You've changed something; looks different over here...*thinks hard* what has Jayne done?


    Dunolly sounds like a nice daytrip.
    You're charging the camera battery now, right?

  2. Yes, indeed, camera battery is recharged, River.
    Fingers crossed we will get more snaps next weekend ;)