Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dunolly, V/Line and July 16 doings

Tomorrow, we hit Dunolly.
Hit being the operative word.
V/Line workers are great, I cannot fault them in their duties and their customer service.
But for frig's sake, have you seen the train/coach timetable to some of the more rural regional towns we've been to/plan to visit?
Seriously, d'ya honestly reckon you're going to entice people to park their arses on your seats if they have to wait an hour between so-called 'connecting' services?
Case in point - to travel to Dunolly, a small town not that far off the beaten track (in fact it's within cooee distance of Maryborough a significantly sized town only 23 kms away, Laanecoorie Reservoir a very popular fishing spot, is within the Golden Triangle where gold is searched for and found on a secretive but very regular basis AND not forgetting the to-die-for roast meals at the Royal Hotel) one must catch the train to Bendigo then wait for almost an hour until the 'connecting' coach takes you further up the track to Dunolly.
The wait is longer than the actual travelling time to Dunolly.
Wait one hour just to travel another 45 mins .
C'mon, this sucks hairy dogs' balls, no wonder the small towns are dying on their feet when idiots, who can't tell their arse from their elbow and couldn't organise a fart in a curry eating contest, are making these silly timetables up.
We shall be exploring all over Dunolly, especially our block of land where Feral child plans to live and there will a bajillion photos.

And for those puzzled by the previous post, Kylie Call JOY!, click HERE to see the campaign.
Or even HERE for further explanation.

1665 12 horses were brought to Quebec for farming use.
1910 John Duigan flew the first Aussie designed and built aeroplane at Mia Mia, Victoria.
1972 Gay Liberation Front was established in Wellington.
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The Nylex Clock is still broken.
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  1. Gold in dem dere hills. Keep a look out.

  2. I have my Miners Right tucked in my wallet ;)

  3. An hour wait for a 45 minute trip?Clearly those who make up the timetables haven't made the journey.
    Gold? Hope you found some.

  4. Didn't find gold but found a golden meal at the pub lol.