Monday, July 5, 2010

Feral geek kid update

Well, where do I start?
The kid has been gluten and dairy free for a few months now and the results speak for themselves; a lot calmer, happier, more readily reasoned with when his anxiety increases and less of the need to play punch-ons with his Mater and Pater's heads. In fact, I've hit the dairy free part and am slowly turning gluten free, too, and am feeling a hell of a lot better.
The weekly homeschooling excursions out of town are a big hit, with art galleries, museums and the many individual historic places and unique architecture building up in his learning.
Practical support from govt depts has been a no-show (ha!) but we've just we got on doing what we could for the Feral geek kid.
Autism and puberty make for a rough time for those on the Spectrum.
So, this week we're off to Ararat to explore the art gallery, the museums (including the Railway Heritage Museum), the old lunatic asylum I'll give a miss as it's only open on Sundays and I'd probably be tempted to book myself in.


  1. You saved anyone else making the asylum joke. Of course I wouldn't do that.

  2. Puberty is rough at the best of times.
    Throw in Autism? Holy hell! At least Feral Beast is calmer on the dairy free/gluten free diet.

  3. Interesting about the gluten free and dairy free diets. What we put in our bodies does make a difference. I have read where children who have high anxiety should stop eating the sugar based processed morning cereals. I went dairy free for several years and felt fine -- maybe I should get back on on the dairy free. -- barbara

  4. You disappoint me, Andrew lol.

    Yep, River, so many teens are told 'it's just hormones' yet hormones have seen many of us chickybabes with PMT ready to hit the nuclear meltdown button.

    Barbara, it's a bit scary when you think that calves have a special enzyme in their stomachs to break down the proteins in their mothers milk, which us humans don't have.

  5. As long as our stomachs have a special enzyme that breaks down calves?