Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Half a pound of tuppenny rice, Half a pound of treacle. That’s the way the money goes, Pop goes the weasel.

July 21 was as boring as watching paint dry, dear reader.
Absolutely bugger-all of interest unless you are into the excitement of Sydney's Monorail starting off (1988) NZ's St Michael's Church Day School whooping it up for it's 136th anniversary (1987), the US Govt apologising and paying $50,000 compo for sinking a Canadian rum running ship (1935) or the poppage of clogs belonging to Scotland's national poet Robert Burns (1796).
So....I threw together some scraps I ratted out of the newspaper archives.
None of them happened on this day.
They just happened.
*Click on items to read in larger image*

April 1908
Crikey dick, how's that Davies, eh?
Proper chess champ, he is, is Davies.

July 1926
Ey, by gum, tha' Eckersley aint got 'alf the bowling action as Eccles 'ad last year, by nowt.
Makepeace weren't too pleased to 'ear he twas facin' them Col-on-ial types, e' weren't.

May 1950
Today you'd have to organise a fox hunt through suburbia to knock over 300.

August 1863.
Oh, thank Goddess someone's elections are exciting the populace!


  1. Well alrighty then. Excitement.

    I hate it when we sink rum ships.

  2. How Sydney's monorail was hated by Sydneysiders. All just to amuse tourists.

  3. Think of the poor fate of the rum, Ron ....

    Whoring dear old Sydneytown out for the almighty tourist spondoolah, Andrew.

  4. No tuppenny rice and treacle around here Jayne, I have better things to spend my money on. I'm saving to buy Season 3 of The Big Bang Theory.

  5. Shhhh, we're hoping to hide it for the feral beastie's birthday, River.
    He is Sheldon in every way.
    And then some ;)