Friday, July 9, 2010


Excitingly, Facebook has shat itself so I'm left scribbling on a wall and talking to a monitor.
Not so strangely there's no answer from anyone.
Pfft, 'social networks' my fat lardy rump.
Anywho, over on Dad Who Writes there's an update from Dan on the Hadrian's Walk fundraising walk.
Or should that be self-imposed torture?
Who knows?
I have a hot chocolate getting chill by the second out in the kitchen so I'm typing this quickly.
Plus Taggart has a double murder to crack.
Go read.
Get the warm fuzzies.
I shall now tempt the toilet gods by stating that we're off like buckets of prawns in the noonday sun to historic Winchelsea tomorrow.
Will we get there?
Who knows?
That chocolate is colder still.
Plus Jacki Reid is questioning a suspect.
The train departs Southern Cross at 8am, fingers crossed our arses are parked on it!


  1. I know Hadrians Wall. I read a book about walking it and saw bits of it. The history and reading about it is more interesting than seeing it.

  2. Is hot chocolate a banned substance near your computer?

  3. Why is your hot chocolate in the kitchen???
    Bring it in and put it right next to you!!
    That Hadrian's Walk is in a really pretty part of the country isn't it?

  4. It looks daunting at the first rise, Andrew.

    Yes, Elizabeth, as I'm a butter fingers and frequently dribble on my keyboard when giggling and snorting over the net lol.

    It looks pretty, River, hope the weather stays that way for them.

  5. Cheers for that! We did actually make it.

    As Dan put it, "No fatalities!"

    God, my feet hurt though...