Sunday, July 18, 2010

Historic blatherings around the traps

Found a couple of fab little interviews regarding the reopening of Clunes and Talbot railway stations.
Interview HERE for Talbot and HERE for Clunes.
Now don't get excited, Talbot isn't on the list to be reopened, it's on the wish list to be reopened.
The wee bowls were water fountains, gee-gaws of a bygone era, from the "Creswick Style" of stations.
Here is a pic of the water fountain on Chiltern R/S, kindly sent by Peter N.
Cheers for that Peter, beaut photo showing the detail much more clearly than my efforts.
Look HERE, the discovery of the oldest painting in Oz has made 'them' reconsider when outsiders were making contact with Oz.
Are they serious?
Did no one think that fishermen from other countries would dip their toe on the shoreline of Oz ever?
*rolls eyes*
Was there some sign up saying "No, don't you be going anywhere near this lump of dirt, not until the Europeans have given you the nod after they've parked their posteriors and claimed the soil for their own" ???
Maybe archaeologists should go search for this sign, hmmm?
Prehistoric critters are still drawing breath...of sorts.
No, not me, you dill, fish and sea creatures thought to be long deaded after scientists played their own version of Finding Nemo.
Have a read HERE.
Best historic news of all - the Rollers have whooped the French collective arse in the world championship Men's Wheelchair Basketball.


  1. Certainly interesting, that article about the oldest painting. Even in the 17th Century, art was being defaced by wads of chewing wax.
    And I don't want to suggest that the authorities were prejudiced against Indonesians, but they may have been a little antiMacassar?

  2. LOL Lavenderbay.
    That would make a great name for a cloth to protect the back of a chair.... :P