Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 2 in snapshot or snaps

1885 As his braves were starving and there was no ammunition left, Big Bear surrendered to General Strange (more information HERE).
2006 The Intellectual Property Office said a big Nyet! to Ngati Toa who tried to trade mark the Haka used by the All Blacks.
2007 And we all sang "...she's leavin', she's leavin'..." as the Pasha Bulker was once more afloat and ready to scurry away from Nobby's Beach where she'd been stranded for 25 days. 

This chill Friday we shall once more be braving the pre-dawn blizzards that blow through Southern Cross station as we make our way to Beaufort for the homeschool excursion for this week.

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Green = Australian
Red = UK or other nationality
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  1. While you're cold in Melbourne, it's hot and sticky here in the UK. I never thought I would complain about heat or flies when I came to England, but guess what...

  2. This chill Friday, I once more braved the pre-dawn frost to get to work so that I could serve people who, like me, should have all been still snug and warm in bed. Whose idea was it to start the (supermarket)working day at the crack of dawn?

  3. We love going through Beufprt, because it means we are not far from Halls Gap when we get there :)
    It is the only place that has traffic lights on our journey once we have left Werribee, lol.
    Not far from there is where the Rainbow Serpent Festival is held... have to turn right at those set of lights and go to a town called Lexton (?). You can get there via public transportation too... train then bus..check it out...