Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24 these things had better be posting!

1861 The first trams began gallivanting about the streets of London.
See HERE for more juicy details.
1872 Bushranger Captain Moonlite was tried, in Ballarat, for the Mt Egerton bank robbery, for which he was given the delightful gift of 11 years gaol.
This is where regifting probably began.
1884 The People in the Christchurch Village were excited as the YMCA opened on the current-day police station site.
C'mon, all together now " It's fun to stay at the Y...M...C....A..."
1996 Canuck Marianne Limpert streaked away in the 200m individual medlay for silver at Atlanta.

 Now, just remember that the fares have gone up in 1930, ok?

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  1. Grrr, comments kapoot!

    Y, M C A... Ha!

  2. Yes, your stuff is posting.

    11 years for a bank robbery huh?
    These days he'd probably get 11 months with a week or so of community service thrown in.
    Unless it was an election year, you know, when the pollies are promising to "clean up the streets".