Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 8 obscure events on this day

975 St Edgar the Peaceful, who happened to be King of England, popped his clogs.
1794 When the American ships Indispensable and Halcyon tootled off out of Port Jackson they carried off an escaped convict on each.
1880 The Canterbury Society of Arts was founded.
In Canterbury.
1882 Happy birthday Percy Grainger.
1906 Winnipeg Street Cars horrified the protesting churches and began running street cars on Sundays.
Check out this fab site devoted to the restoration of Winnipeg Street Cars, with many extras that make a tram/street car lovin' gal's heart twang.

Yellow = New Zealand

Orange  = Canada
Green = Australian
Red = UK or other nationality
Italics, bold and coloured blue are links to further info. 
Anything outrageous is usually sarcasm and/or humour.


  1. While I don't know about Melbourne trams from those days, Sydney trams generally did not run during 'church hours'. There were exceptions and of course as time went on and people wanted to go to the beaches, the restrictions to trams on Sundays rather fell apart.

  2. Shocking, Andrew.
    They should have slavishly been attending church or spending the day in repose contemplating their religion.
    That is my tongue poking out of my cheek....