Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just between you and me.....

Go check out the blogroll on the sidebar somewhere over to the right, there's a few new additions like the Central Highlands Regional Library blog and...umm...others.
Being teased of late by Andrew with the ultraclean streets and trains and whatnot in Japan.
Why can't we have such service here?
Oh, that's right, only the newly minted arrivals from other shores do the crappy cleaning work while those who are 'too good' to get their hands dirty muck the place up.
There's irony swimming about in that but I can't be bothered throwing it a life preserver.
Heard about the veggie poisoning?
Up north in Bowen?
Yeah, not sharing my veggies with ya, go start stockpiling or planting.
My chookens have given much of their poo for my green goodies.
2 items guaranteed to be chook and possum-proof...
Silverbeet and fennel.
Of which I currently have multitudes and equally as many recipes to make the damn stuff appetising.
Gluten and dairy free has just been joined with yeast free recipes after we figured out the teen was farting revolting, vile, disgusting flatulence only when he et bread made with yeast.
That's ok, the Spouse has decided we're dropping red meat (yay) and sticking to mainly fish with the random bit of chicken.
And bajillion tonnes of silverbeet and fennel on the side.
*Edit to add - there's an issue happening at the moment with comments in Blogger, they're working on it, it's effecting many blogs so don't worry if you think I'm being all snooty and not replying to anything you've said recently, I just can't see your Words of Wisdom ;)


  1. You've put me on your blogroll!
    Thank you. (blushes shyly)

    Veggie poisoning hey?
    Now I'm wondering where SA supplies come from. I try to buy locally grown stuff when I can, so I'm not too concerned.

    Odd that your chooks don't like silverbeet. Most chooks love the stuff.

  2. Good luck with the red meat thing. Personally I couldn't bear not having the occasional fillet steak!

  3. Tis the only thing they refuse to scratch out by the roots, River lol.

    That is going to be a challenge, Scott, thanks for reminding me lol ;)