Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lost graves from Como House estate?

The homeschooled rugrat is currently reading Kathleen Mangan's autobiography "Daisy Chains, War, then Jazz".
Kathleen was the daughter of Australian artist Frederick McCubbin and who, when she was a child, lived in the house next door to that of Como House.
In her book she describes her adventures in the almond grove and finding two large stones, much covered in moss and lying flat on the ground, but with writing and figures on them.
After she'd grown up she realised they were probably headstones to some early settlers graves.
They disappeared after that particular area became a public park and would have been removed by Prahran Council workers.
Long lost graves playing host to public picnics, perhaps?

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  1. Jayne, In the U.S. it is a criminal offense to remove gravestones. However one can remove grave remains and stone to another spot with permission. But, many developers secretly destroy family grave sites without notice to the authorities.

    Your post reminds us how easy family grave sites can disappear, not only in your country but also here in the U.S. -- barbara