Monday, July 26, 2010

My brain doth spew forth...and fifth...and a dram of scotch

By crikey, by jingo, I had a bloody lucky save last night; short of being buried alive with a ravenous crow hepped up on crack cocaine and sporting a nasty on-field habit of eye-gouging, I managed to avoid the whole 'debate' aka the polite disagreement thang.
I was stuck on a train coming home from the wild weekend in Dunolly.
Oi, Brumby?
You want for me to give you a tick to get yo lily-livered arse back into the chair you're currently polishing, sweet-cheeks?
Get the friggin' trains and coaches to CO ORDINATE, FFS already.
Give the train/coach/bus/carrier pigeon timetable to any bloody nurse and they'll have it sorted before you're even back in your office, it'll be a doddle compared to working out nursing rosters!
Oh, and Joolya?
Darls, we knows ya got you some male booty action happenin' but sweetie, pet, lovey, that shade of red is too much Scarlet Woman and not enough Bionic Woman with balls of steel.
Speaking of balls of steel I see Hawkey's love-puppet opened her mouth just to change feet while re-writing history.
Seriously, Blanche, baby, you don't go scoring points off the first missus.
She was a good sort.
Can you tell I'm filling in time until the gazillions of photos upload?
Oh, good.
Keep calm and carry on, then.
*Edit to add - Now I'm busy making gluten and dairy free crumpets for His Nibs' brekkie so you'll get the photos tomorrow.
Sleep tight!

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