Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Overheard on the train to Flinders Street...

Woman, in tears, boarded train at Caulfield station while talking on mobile phone.
"Hello? Is this the Domestic Violence support....? 
I'm sorry, I need somewhere to live.
I've been sleeping behind ****** in ***** for the last 6 months and I have to get a home.
I spoke to the police at ***** and they gave me some numbers.
I've rung 60 support numbers and no one can help.
I don't have any children.
It's just me living on the streets.
I can't go back there, he'll kill me.
He put me in hospital last year, they sent me to a boarding house but it was **** dollars per week, I couldn't afford it.
Yeah, I know it's cold.
No, I'm heading into the city now.
To get some money, for food.
I haven't eaten since Sunday night.
Please, you've got to help me."


  1. Oh this is so sad.
    60 numbers and no-one can help??
    SIXTY numbers and NO-ONE can help?
    I hope she found somewhere.

    I'm so very glad that when I needed a place to run to, my kids came and got me.

  2. It's very sad. Does everybody have a mobile phone these days?

  3. I didn't hear anything else cos we got off at the next stop but, yeah, she was desperate.

    Yep, seems that they do, Scott.

  4. It is the set up for scamming money from someone who takes pity on her. I have heard it all too many times. The best of them deserve awards for their acting skills and timing for being in the right place at the right time, and picking their mark.