Saturday, July 17, 2010

A post about missing urns from railway stations, yes, she's off like the whipped cream in the sun again

Found anotheree of those bizarre bird-bath/washing up bowls on Clunes train station.
Not my photo but you can follow the link to stickybeak HERE.
Obviously they were all designed/taken off a 'one size fits all' plan and they were bunged up all over the countryside with their gracefully arching brackets and the single soup bowl present on one of the supporting poles.
Previously, I've pointed out the probably missing dessert bowl from Winchelsea station (above) and the beautifully painted Ming vase on Beaufort station (below).
Dunolly station (below) did not share the delicate spindly legs of these stations and there was no sign of the soup tureen however it did share the same style of cast iron supports as Clunes so it is possible Dunolly's washbasin is missing.
*Edited to add;
I've included a pic with the bowl thingie circled (below).
One hopes that once Clunes railway station is reopened - yes, there really is a railways Santa, whooppeeeeeeee - the attention to detail is followed through on the casserole dish that needs a little lovin'.
Otherwise I may be forced to take up the palette and travel all over the countryside (ask the Leylands, ask the Leylands) like a backpacking Michelangelo, picking the decorative railway crock pots out in pretty colours.
*Yes, I, too, share the vision; that of the ever so slightly mad cat lady going potty over rural train stations with chamber pots insitu.


  1. Dear Jayne,

    I've no clue what you're saying here. Link does not work. Further explanaton needed.

    Thank you.


  2. I've thrown in a new pic with the bowl thing circled just for you :P
    The link seems to be ok this end, maybe a security programme is causing issues at your end?
    Here's another link to more photos.

  3. Hi! Like your new template! Just one thing, in IE8 - yes, I know it sucks, your post images are centered but the frames that are supposed to be around the images are aligned left. i.e. The images are not in the frames. In Firefox all is Ok! Please do not be offended, just thought you would like to know.

    Take Care,

  4. It is an upside down cuppola. What is it doing there? And as I am prone to say, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

  5. Back again. Just saw your other recent posts. It appears to be only affecting this post. The other images are aligned left.

  6. Thanks for that, Peter :)
    No offence taken , cheers.
    I've aligned the pics to the left, if that helps in IE8?

    Go on, Andrew, go searching for the answer...get dangerous :P

  7. I don't want to be dangerous. I'd rather be happy, so I just wallow around in my ignorance.

    Thanks, Jayne, you're the best. What are they for? Really?

  8. They're water fountains, Debby :)
    The water pipe ran down the inside of the cast iron pole, on which they sat, and would come out into a bubbler just above the bowl, probably to catch the over-flow water to prevent it slopping on people's shoes.