Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Singing pretties for Dr Zhivago but Boris....?

Oooooo, let's rush out and spend up big on the new tickets for Dr Zhivago The New Musical!!!
Such a novelty, turning the famous story into an all-singing, all-dancing whoop-de-doodle-dandy to reel in the dosh entertain the masses. abouts they put to music the bio of the author of Dr Zhivago, Boris Pasternak?
How many takers d'ya reckon we'd get?
Apart from the creepy mouth-breathing dudes who live in their mother's basements/attics/wall-space and dream of Megan Gale in Wonder Woman spandex.
Let's have a quick peek at good old Boris...
Yep, kicked to the kerb by communist masters, royalties taken off him, banned from leaving the USSR to even accept an award.
And speculation he was starved to death by his own country.
Yeah, I can see that musical draggin' in the crowds, can't you?

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