Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thank you and good morning, lovies! Winchelsea Tour

Oh, you great, wonderful little poppets!
You must have all crossed your fingers, toes, legs and eyes - while I'm sure some of you must have rubbed a Buddha's belly or 3 - as our rumps were lodged on the 8am service to Winchelsea.
Sailing merrily down the line we had some spectacular cloud displays
Felt like the underside of a 3 year old's meringue dessert.

I can heartily recommend the Winchelsea Shire Hall Tea Rooms
Any menu list that offers FREE bubaccinos for kids, kids sandwich fillings of choice including 100s & 1000s AND have Spiders on the regular grown ups beverage menu is the utmost in civilised.
The amount of historical items on display within the tearooms is amazing, I almost gave myself whiplash trying to eyeball everything from a sitting position.
Many local historical publications available at the cashier, too.
A rating of 3/5 for a delish pot of tea, great service, oodles of atmosphere and splendid smiles.
Slip along one Sunday and have some of their traditional country Sunday roast from 12pm-2pm.

This gorgeous wee Public Library was built in 1894 to house Winchelsea's 2,500 books which had been kept at the Barwon Hotel (across the road).
It's now the tourist information centre with a time capsule lodged below a trapdoor to be opened in 2056.

This WW1 memorial is actually the back of the grandstand, built from Knitlock concrete blocks which Walter Burley Griffin invented.

Isn't she glorious?
We bonded over a biscuit of hay, some small talk of our youngesters finding their feet and basically chewed the cud til the rest of her sisters came home.
She promised to write....

WWT = Winchelsea Water Trust, perhaps?
Or Wankers Wasting Time?

300 year old gum tree.
Feral offspring asked if I remembered planting it.
Hmph, cheeky sod.
Wait til I come back to haunt him...

This was built in 1926 by the father of the world famous Aussie opera singer Marjorie Lawrence where she'd often warble a tune or 2 when at home from her whirlwind European tours.
There, I've included a link for you so we can chatter all night about Marg's singing career.
What do you mean,  'performing your own root canal'...?

First school, how splendid, the little darlings will learn their 3 Rs.

Only one to be spied.
I fear the Wankers Wasting Time had a monopoly.

Totally shocked at this sight before us.
Thriving, proudly cared for delicate flowers.
On a train station.
And no rubbish or graffiti.
I know!!!
Utterly unheard of in this day and age.

Avert your eyes if you're of a sensitive nature.
The gratuitous chimney shot.

Proof that we crossed the bridge over the river and Feral kid was able to control himself enough not to throw me over.
I let him have a kibble treat for that.

All self explanatory but if you're still confused I'd suggest praying for guidance.

Liked the cut of this ones jib.

These gates were decadent Deco.

Splendid chimneys and tuck pointed brickwork on a mere public building like a train station. I say, we've really let the standards slip.
Evidence can be seen of another building built against this - possibly a stables...or a circus...maybe even the  prototype Taj Mahal...

If anyone can tell me what those bricked up gaps would have once been used for they'll get a personal visit from Dan, Dan the dunny man.



Why spider? Hardly fits really. Inquiring minds have a need to know.

Andrew said...

The station chimneys are amazing. Never seen the likes. I guess that the bricked up windows were for light and ventilation for the semi underground station strong room.

Jayne said...

Supposedly, if you watch the ice cream fizzing in the soft drink it begins to crack and look like a spider.
It's been so long since I indulged I fear I will need to experiment to see.
The things I do in the name of science *snort* lol.

That strong room was strong on some senses, Andrew :P

River said...

Winchelsea Tea Rooms are now on my list of places to go.

Those bricked up gaps are probably "nightman" access spaces, they'd have been little doors through which the "nightman" removed the full dunny cans and replaced them with empty ones.

I was on a bus in my city recently, saw a lot of pretty chimneys and thought of you. Wished I had the camera. Going in again tomorrow, maybe I'll remember the camera.

Winchelsea looks to be a very pretty place. Looking it up on my map now....

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Your adventures are so enticing are the spiders. Pity I am so far away !
PS I never knew that about why it was called a spider ...

Thanks for visiting my blog.♥

Jayne said...

LOL River, now you get a visit from Dan, Dan the dunny man *snort* ;)
It is quite a pretty little place to visit, not too far out from Geelong :)

Thanks, Trish :)

BUSH BABE said...

Gosh - glad I came in late on this one Jayne. Don't need Dan Dan visiting me! Your trip looks fun - can you do an aging woman a favour and make your pics bigger? I am squinting trying to see your signs!

Jayne said...

Ahh, sorry, BB, if you click on them it'll take you to the larger version :)