Sunday, July 4, 2010

Waving helloooooooooooooooo, stranger!

Hi, yes, I am alive, just been extra busy with His Nibs.
Hit Beaufort on Friday then a heritage walk in Eltham yesterday while converting a couple of Donna Hay's recipes from the Sunday Magazine in the Sunday Herald Sun into gluten free dairy free goodies has kept me out of mischief today.
Yes, Banana Bread became GFDF Banana Muffins and I'm eyeballing the jam drops at the moment.
I shall play catch ups on all of your blogs shortly....or as soon as I've uploaded my pics to photobucket and figured out how to use the bugger!
Cheers m'dears!


  1. In photobucket -

    Under the upload images and videos button, click on -more options- ,to size the photos before upload.

    When you have uploaded your photo, you need to use the -HTML code link- to insert photo into blog.

  2. Hello back atcha!

    Getting caught up in the Blogosphere after the Nova Scotia vacation -- I wish you only had my "problem".

    Is Feral Beast likely to grow out of the GFDF diet at all?