Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 11 It's raining again, oh no, my bath's at an end...

It's bucketing down outside, we have a great gaping hole in the bathroom floor and we're on a flood watch here in Melbourne (and the rest of the whole state, too, it seems).
Seriously, I promise we turned the water off at the mains...!
Guess who's gonna do a Birdman Rally attempt and launch the old cast iron bath down the street if the water laps the gaping hole....?

1877 The Canterbury Cricket Council was established and Trevor still bowled underarm.
1892 Scottish writer, poet Christopher Grieve aka Hugh MacDiarmid was pupped.
1921 Essendon Airport opened without a bang but the whimpering whining came later when people suddenly woke up one day to realise they'd apparently (completely unnoticed before then) sprouted an airfield in the vegie patch....
1941 To conserve silk for wartime supplies for parachutes the Canadian Govt banned the use of silk.

The Nylex Clock is still busted.
Yellow = New Zealand
Orange  = Canada
Green = Australian
Red = UK or other nationality
Italics, bold and coloured blue are links to further info. 
Anything outrageous is usually sarcasm and/or humour


  1. WOW! I got in from work yesterday mornin g (tuesday) and I had a quick shower and jumped straight into bed. I woke up at 7pm. I did not realise about this flood warning. I hope to bike ride along the Werribee River this week and get pics of it in flood. Last year when I was riding my bike along there, there was that much mud/dirt exposed and no water at all. We sure do need this rain

  2. It's about to bucket down here now, Cazzie, hope you don't get caught in it!

  3. Flood watch Jayne?
    Going to watch all that lovely rain flood out to sea?
    Instead of into dams, catchments, pipelines, where it can do some good in times of drought?

    We've had more than half our annual August rainfall already too.
    Guess where it's going?
    OUT. TO. SEA.

  4. Now I understand the old allure of silk stockings.

  5. Yep, all going out to sea, River.

    ovely, lovely silk, Lavender ;)