Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2 On this day in history sunshine, lollipops and politicians, erk

Here we are again, dear reader, morning rolls around with yet another date of events and more weak wintery sun dribbling through the clouds while we shiver.
The shivering is actually from the politicians attempting to pucker up to the poor innocent babies; oh the humanity...!

1100 King of England, King William II had a slight accident when out hunting; he was shot through the chest with an arrow.
1909 The first passenger flight in Canada was made in the Silver Dart.
1983 Paul Sharp, having some free time, became the first white person to cross the Simpson Desert alone and on foot.
1983 Anti-nuclear protests were held as the USS Texas popped into Auckland.
St Mary's Catholic Church, Dunolly.
Is Classified.

The Nylex Clock is still busted.
Yellow = New Zealand
Orange  = Canada
Green = Australian
Red = UK or other nationality
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  1. Sunshine, lollipops! I LOVE that song; by Leslie Gore.

    Why do politicians think it's acceptable to hold and kiss babies? Why do they think this will boost their votes? I certainly wouldn't want some stranger smacking big, slobbery kisses onto my baby's cheeks. Let them earn their votes by keeping their campaign promises.