Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 24 happened, believe it or not, then there's the photos...

I'm about halfway through the upload of photos to blind your retinas share with you but they'll be posted over on the Dunolly blog - which you can follow the link in the tabs up there ^ .
Had a ball, even though it was exhausting a little tiring having Dad with us, but I managed to not trip over too many things, the feral kidlet managed to guide the wheelchair I was pushing away from possible roads, rioting miners and runaway horses (pick the one that didn't materialise) and we got back home in one piece.
Except we I busted the inner tube on one of the wheelchair tyres.
That was fun, pushing it around with a flat - but only difficult on the (few and far between) footpaths - flat tyres are GREAT in the muddy, water-logged ground!
Try it and see!
Perhaps don't.
1878 Wellington was blessed with a steam tram service.
1934 Mildura was proclaimed A City!!!!
1965 A limited service of trains tootling through the Montreal Metro subway began.

Oh, remember this story about the mine shafts opening up in Bendigo?
Another opened up in Ballarat, story HERE.
There is land subsiding all over the shop with this lovely soaking rain filling up the cracks in the drought-drained earth then gravity works its magic fingers and voila - you have a hole with no donut middle to put back.
Don't be off walking on your lonesome and stick to the paths!

The Nylex Clock is still busted.
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  1. Seems like an old mine has opened up in Diamond Creek too.

  2. I didn't know wheelchairs could get flat tyres. I thought they had solid rubber on the wheels.

  3. I once pushed a wheel chair all through 'the sugar bush', where maple trees were being tapped to make maple syrup. I pushed that chair for miles that day, back and forth between the woods and the 'sugar shack', where they boil it down. We did not get a flat tire. That would have about killed me.

  4. Jayne -- Stopped over at your Dunolly District page -- interesting buildings on the side bar. -- barbara

  5. Several more up Ballarat way, Andrew, I'd be avoiding all former mining areas!

    Not all of them, River, most of those with the big wheels have inner tubes.
    And tiny sharp rocks are not their friends.

    I suspect you would have slung the wheelchair occupant on your back if you'd sprung a flat, Debby.

    Thanks, Barbara :)

  6. Probably would have been easier than trying to push the darn thing.