Monday, August 2, 2010

August 3 on this day in history with the usual suspects of babble, blather, and a little rabble practicing for a street march in the new year

That ad about sensitive teeth, with people whining about ice cold water making toofy hurties- pulllll-eze.
Hubby asked what did people do in the old days when they sensitive teeth.
Well, boys and girls, they went to a blacksmith to have the little suckers ripped, screaming, from their noggins with a dirty pair of pliers that had probably just removed a rusty nail from a horse's dung-covered hoof...
And they lived with the water supply which was a fresh creek, gently warmed to a tepid temperature beneath the sun.
Chockers full of typhoid, cholera and other people's chamber pot fillings.
Then they died.
The end.

1460 King James II of Scotland was kicked off this mortal coil by the English when they stormed Roxburgh Castle.
Did he whinge about sore teeth? Nooooooooo, his main worry was keeping his head on his shoulders.
1891 Second oldest bank in Oz, pffft, like that was a hard gig to get?, Bank of Van Diemen's Land went belly up.
Did they give a fat rat's clacker about sensitive toofy-pegs? Not a bloody cracker, they didn't. Unless they could have flogged 'em for ivory piano keys.
1910 Canterbury Croquet Association was got together.
They'd have knocked a molar out for you with a mallet. If you asked nicely.
1914 Canadian Govt suspended all coin payments to conserve the gold supply and made bank notes legal tender.
Cos far too many people were stashing their money into gold fillings. That's the real cause of the GFC - too much gold bling on rappers. It's all their fault.
The Nylex Clock is still busted.
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  1. And do you hear them whining? Nope.

    Good heavens, you are a funny woman.

  2. Nope, not a peep from 'em, Debby lol ;)
    Thanks :)

  3. 'Chockers full of typhoid, cholera and other people's chamber pot fillings.
    Then they died.'

    Which is why spirits were a much better choice. The drunks always survived.

  4. I try not to whine as poeple have the habit of playing the world's smallest violin when I do!

    Take Care,

  5. I HATE that ad!!
    Does he get those people to brush with the "miracle" paste ONCE then suddenly they can drink iced water?
    There's probably been great strides made in the development of pain relieving toothpaste , but I'll remain sceptic.

    I used a "sensitive" toothpaste for 15 years, until it got too expensive, and it had absolutely zero effect. I still had painful teeth, resulting eventually in many, many root canals. At considerably greater cost, but now I can eat icecream.

  6. Exactly, Andrew, purely medicinal to kill the germs ;)

    Peter, I doubt you've ever whinged in your life ;)

    Chocolate ice cream, River?