Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 4 on this day in history with slightly used hubby going cheap

Hubby has misplaced his birth certificate.
Why the heck he had to move it from the safe place where I have Every.Single birth/death/marriage/immunisation/divorce and why-the-hell-did-I-buy-this-man-at-a-half-price-sale? certificate shelved, is beyond me.
Bloody man!
Though....I may keep him.
He does make a nice meal.
When poked.
With a broomstick...
*Edit to add - just found them, will let him sleep inside the house tonight now *snort*
1577 During a particularly nasty storm over East Anglia the Black Shuck is said to have gallivanted into the church and did nasty deeds to some of the congregation before flying off to another town and church.
And this, children, is why you shouldn't inhale.
Or eat the mushrooms.
1769 Prince Edward Island was created when the British Crown separated the island of St Jean from Nova Scotia.
And then we got Anne of Green Gables, woot!
1840 Runaway convict John Storry Baker aka Booralsha fronted up to the white settlers at Moreton Bay after having lived with Aboriginal People for 14 years.
1942 NZ PM David Lange was pupped on this day.

The Nylex Clock is still busted.
Yellow = New Zealand
Orange  = Canada
Green = Australian
Red = UK or other nationality
Italics, bold and coloured blue are links to further info. 
Anything outrageous is usually sarcasm and/or humour


  1. The next time you're ripping your place apart to find somethng, wanna see if you come across my I-pod? You too, Chinese guy. K. Thnx.

  2. And now I know what a Black Shuck is.
    I keep my certificates all together in one place too. But my birth certificate is photocopied and laminated so I can carry the copy in my bag, just in case I ever need to prove who I am while out and about. It's in German though, so I don't know how useful it really is to carry it.

  3. Today is the day Rhubarb was born. Just in case you consider it earth shattering news as well. ;)