Sunday, August 8, 2010

August 8 on this day and things that go RIIIIIP !

Excitingly, boys and girls, I'm close to launching (yet another) history blog.
Don't fret, there will be no note taking or exams on this one.
And, having dissed those ads for sensitive teeth the other day, the dental gods got miffed and I shall be opening wide for my dentist at the delightful time of 9am in the morning.
Right after they begin the bathroom rippage of turning a bath into a walk-in shower at 8am.
Oh, yeah, we're a regular bunch of party animals.

1758 Andrew Rollo snatched Prince Edward Island from the French, kicked the 3,500 residents back to France then threw together Fort Amherst.
This, Toto, did not inspire Deborah Harry's hit French Kissing in the USA.
1963 The Great Train Robbery took place with the robbers making off with millions.
1984 Friday night and Saturday afternoon shopping was allowed in NSW.
Ooo, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto!
1986 The Homosexual Law Reform Act came into effect in NZ.
Ooo, Dorothy, the sky didn't fall in, amazing!

The Nylex Clock is still busted.
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  1. August 8 always evokes a certain image for Queenslanders - it was the day that Joh was going to go...

  2. I'm making plans to visit a dentist soon too. I have several veneers that are cracked and chipped, (damn those christmas candy canes, I only ate one...). Just waiting for that tax refund to come in.

  3. Another history blog? Oooooo ...! Awaiting further developments, eagerly, over here. :-)

  4. Another interesting history blog to read. You are quite the history buff. -- barbara

  5. Really? Friday night and Saturday shopping was not allowed in NSW until 1984? Gosh. We had the 'Blue Law' in our county until the late 70s. Stores had to close on Sunday.