Saturday, August 7, 2010

Disabilty Hate Crimes

Interesting report on the AM news program on 774 - disability hate crime; how some bloke (professor? doctor? Can't find a link on the ABC site) from USA has called for formal recognition of disability hate crime here in Oz.
He slated the dropkicks from Werribee who raped a developmentally delayed girl, set her hair on fire, urinated on her and a couple with cerebral palsy in Brisbane being harassed by their neighbours as classic examples of disability hate crime but as it's termed 'abuse' here in Oz it attracts a lesser punishment.
I have a white stick and poor vision but I have been told of people deliberately walking out of their path of direction to hip and shoulder me, I've had others barge in front of me then deliberately stop so I either run into them or have to walk around.
Similar to what happened to Rhubarb recently.
If I walk into them they get the pleasure of an excuse to scream abuse.
If I walk around them they still get the pleasure of having inconvenienced someone with a disability.
Hubby, son, daughter and friends couldn't, wouldn't believe people could behave like this until they all saw it for themselves - if they hold my arm it doesn't happen but if the public think a chick with a white stick is out on her own then she's fair game to push, shove, knock over, run over with a pram,etc.
Hubby was moved the other week to have a go at a big burly bloke who'd crossed from one side of the footpath to the other just to flatten me into a shop wall.
Thankfully hubby was just as big and burly and the gutless mongrel apologised but only after he complained that I shouldn't be walking in the shopping area.
Yeah, blame the victim, fucktard.
There are a several shops in Chadstone that are inaccessible to anyone with a wheelchair - when I was able to push Dad in his chair we were stopped from visiting many of them.
Isn't that against the law, a little something called discrimination?
There's only 1 lift in Chaddy, that I know of, to access upper floors with a wheelchair and I had to ask a shop assistant if one existed so poor is the signage.
And what kind of impression of the disabled do you think that gives to shoppers, the public and those who work there?
Once these dipshytes who perform these hate crimes take a look at what is motivating their behaviour - which they won't cos they never own up to their responsibility in these events - they would see that they are setting up scenarios where they can vent their anger at those they perceive to be lower in the social hierarchy.
Just as they see that they themselves have been poorly treated by someone else against whom they think they have no ability to stand up for themselves.
So they perpetuate the vicious cycle by picking on someone they think is unable to fight back, to restore their feeling of superiority.
Really mature and brave; massage a fragile ego by attacking the disabled.
I think the wrong people are labelled 'disabled' in these cases.


  1. Hey Jayne - in this town, you wouldn't get fair representation anyway - I had to go to a lawyer's recently and, due to wrong directions, got to visit a few - each one required manhandling of pram up stairs...

    I know it is probably true, but I hate to believe people do such things deliberately.

  2. It disgusts, but does not surprise me, that people would deliberately do such things. Human kind really does make me wanna puke at times.

  3. I have never noticed this sort of thing. I will watch more carefully.

  4. I believe these things happen, I've not noticed it around here, although I have noticed people avoiding the drunks and beggars.
    Not the same thing of course.
    If only there was some way of putting those bureaucrats out there in wheelchairs or with white sticks and glasses that severely impair their vision. Then they'd know.

  5. Some people are just gits.

    If I lived in Kooyong, I think I'd vote for Steve Hurd (the ALP candidate, who is legally blind) on principle. I hope he gets in.