Friday, August 6, 2010

Frankston homeschool excursion and I go medieval on a toe-rag's lazy arse

Gallivanted off to Frankston as our homeschool excursion destination today.
Why Frankston?
No flippin' idea, ask the feral geek kid.
His choice, his research into the history, places and things to do/see, he looked up the op shops ( then relied on the GPS to find the streets without realising the GPS was flat, that'll teach him to listen to his mother and print a map, pfft ) and he enjoyed it.
I found it...disappointing.
One big massive sprawl of shops/arcades/malls you could find in any suburb, except there's a fab beach several streets over if you bother to look for it.
Very little remaining to show Frankston had an individual style or identity.
Maybe I'm wrong; please, tell me where we can find old-school Frankston and I'll happily take a bajillion photos and praise its little cotton socks.

He Who No Longer Murders Towels.

Came home to find yet another toe-rag parked across the driveway but what made this particular dipshyte a toe-rag was that he argued that he had the right to park wherever he wanted, that the council owned my driveway and he could do as he pleased.
He soon shifted his fat arse when I called the police who, strangely enough, did NOT agree with the arsewipe or his dickhead mate who was double parked in the centre of the road, and for some reason neither of the morons hung around to see the divvy van cruise the length of the street.

For Debby and her goanna fetish.


  1. A most educational post! I looked up what a "divvy van" is, 'cause I've never heard of the term. Cool, now I know what it is, and that there's an alternative to "paddy wagon". Cheers!

    Dunno what they're called here. Just "police vans"? I've only been in the back of a police car myself (as a non-crim, be assured. They were just giving me a lift home from a friend's. Rear doors were locked, though.)

  2. Just loved that, if the council owns it, how come it cost us to concrete the thing.

  3. Um, Jayne. When I said that I had a 'thing' about goannas, I meant, well, er...okay, what's the opposite of fetish?

    So in this case Goanna is a brand name, or is the stuff actually derived from goannas? *shudder*

  4. That's Timespanner's story and she is sticking to it.

    Now Frankston, history, there, you can watch the Harold Clapp train engine arrive from Stony Point. Pity, because Frankston is surrounded by history, just not within the town itself.

    It is very sad when someone parked over a driveway gets their car bumped by your mysterious visitor who was trying to reverse out your driveway.

  5. Good on you for calling the cops. If I need them, I have no hesitation in calling them myself. Just ask my L who spent a weekend in jail once. He didn't believe I'd do it.

    Frankston huh? How were the op-shops?

  6. HEY! Chinese guy? Did you find my I-pod?

  7. And HEY! JAYNE?!!!!!!!! Have they fixed the Nylex clock?

  8. Tis ok, Debby, no goannas were harmed in the making of these products.
    I think :P.

    JahTeh, hubby wants the council to come around and mow their nature strip now lol.

    LOL Lisa, there's an old chant, usually heard late at night outside pubs that are closing, from young guys "You're goin' home in the back of a divvy van".

    Our electricians almost had to do exactly that the other month when the house was being rewired, Andrew.

    When someone starts abusing me, River, I let the cops deal with the scum ;)

    LOL Debby, nope, of course not!
    This is the govt we're talking about y'know :P